Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM is all about bringing efficiency and effectiveness within workflow and processes of an organization by using automation and systematic approach. ITECH5 is proud to be the first Bizagi Partner in the UAE catering specifically to mid-size organizations. Our goal is to help SMEs break the barriers to growth. Bizagi is a leading BPM solutions provider with a unique approach to process automation. With Bizagi customer can build, automate and run business processes with the fastest time to market. 


Recognized by our community as the most powerful BPMN modeling environment in the market, Bizagi Modeler lets business experts design, document and evolve their process model with complete confidence. Intuitive drag and drop, code-free updates and automatic document generation tools make this a seamless experience, even without technical knowledge.


Thanks to Bizagi Studio's "modeling over programming" philosophy, business experts have everything they need to transform process models into real, running applications and workflows. From defining your data model and UI to integrating IT assets and everything in between, Bizagi's in-built wizard supports you every step of the way.


Deployed on JEE or .NET to fit whatever architecture you have in place, Bizagi Engine executes and controls the business processes automated by Bizagi Studio. "Update-once and change-everywhere" optimizes the workload up and down your value chain, reducing time and cost. Bizagi's unique multi-language portal makes pending activities easy to visualize, while KPIs provide total control over process performance.