Big Data and Analytics

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”

Albert Einstein

Gartner defines big data as information of extreme size, diversity and complixity. It is a disruptive phenomenon destined to help orgranizations drive innovation by gaining new and fast insights into thier customers. We harness the power of different big data technologies to help you achieve your goals. 

Big Data Discovery

Discovery Services for Big Data. Identification of use cases. Creating a gig data strategy which is aligned with business goals and objectives. Profiling of available information in an ogranization. Achieving quick wins with stakeholders.

Customer Analytics

Increase customer loyalty, reduce churn, improve revenues and provide better customer services by understanding your customer's needs. Listening to the customer accross all channels and proactively taking actions to fix problems.

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Search Applications

Break out from traditional database driven applications and start building search based applications. Access informatino using natural langauge search, analyze results in BI reports using latest BI tools and take informed decisions

Machine Learning

Sentiment analysis, classification, pattern detection and clustering are a few of machine learning techniques used to solve complex problems. Ability to use unstrucutred data a part of machine learning algorithim can unlock great opportunities hidden away in text. 

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360 Degree Views

Know not just the what, when and how much but more over know the why. Why some products perform better than others. Why my services are under performing. Why certain products and part need more maintenance than others. 

Predictive Analytics

Having predictive analytics allows you to be the leader when the change happens. It mimimizes your risks and provides you with a competitive edge. The more acurate predictions the better you can be assured that you are in control of the situation.

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